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Almond Sapling

Ferraduel Almond Sapling

▶ It is a late flowering variety.
▶ The twin doesn't make fruit.
▶ Internal efficiency rate is 35%.
▶ The inner fruit weight is 1.3 grams.
▶ Pollinator is Ferragnes variety.
▶ Pollinator Ferragnes efficiency is 26-28% twin internal rate is 0%.

Ferragnes Almond Sapling

▶ It is a French origin variety, it blooms late.
▶ Branching is rare.
▶ Quickly lies on fruit.
▶ It gives abundant and stable product.
▶ The shells are hard.
▶ Internal efficiency is 35-40%.
▶ Double almond rate is 2-3%.
▶ Pollinator Ferraduel is Ferrastar.

Nonpareil Almond Sapling

▶ Nonpareil Almond Sapling is a foreign breed originating in California (USA)

almond seedlings.
▶ Almond is known as the best of the variety.
▶ The tree of the Nonpareil Almond Sapling has a strong structure.

efficiency is high.
▶ Internal efficiency of Nonpareil Almond Sapling with high internal almond


60-70%, double almond rate is 5-10%.
▶ It is pollinated with Texas Almond Sapling.
▶ Due to the formation of large and high quality almonds and late flowering,

the last

Cultivation has become widespread in years.

Texas Almond Sapling

▶ Texas Almond Sapling is a kind of almond sapling originating from the USA, California.
▶ It comes after Nonparelle and Nonpareil in Almond Sapling cultivation.
▶ Texas Almond Tree is very strong, resistant to external conditions and its efficiency

has a high structure.
▶ Texas Almond's skin is soft and the inner almond quality is medium.

It is easily found in nuts.
▶ Internal efficiency is 45-50%, double almond rate is 15-30%.
▶ The Pollinator of the Texas Almond sapling is Nonpareil.

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