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Walnut Tree Pruning

As Good Sapling, we also personally recycle and prune every sapling we supply.

Why Pruning Should Be Done?

In sapling, the job is not just about selling seedlings. If pruning is not done by the right people at the right time, it will be difficult to return back years or financial loss for you. Therefore, pruning should be done in the correct form by experts in the field in summer or winter periods.

What Happens to Trees That Have Not Been Provided Correctly / No Pruning?

● Crown develops irregularly,
● Branches may be broken due to high yield,
● Small and inefficient fruits are formed,
● As a result of frequent branching, the branches inside do not get light,
● Efficiency decreases in a short time,
● Periodicity (the product has one year and no one year).

What are the Benefits of Proper Pruning?

● By arranging the numbers and distributions of the main branches on the trunk, fruit trees are ensured to form a solid, tidy and balanced crown.
● Fruit trees are helped to produce as soon as possible.
● A good use of sunlight is provided to the tree.
● With pruning, fruit size, fruit quality and fruit shell coloration increase.
● Tree size and frequency of branches can be taken under direct control.
● Spraying can increase the effectiveness of spraying.
● Diseased and dry branches are taken to help combat.
● Necessary gaps are created in order for the tools and equipment to operate.
● Trees that fall from yield are transformed into fruit trees that will be rejuvenated by pruning.
● In some fruit types, the situation of giving less or less than one year or one year is reduced.
Harvesting is easier.

Walnut Garden Installation

As Good Nursery, we also provide gardening assistance and consultancy to our producers who want to grow walnut and almond seedlings. Remember, gardens that are not installed correctly will also trigger every wrong operation. A decrease in fruit yield and stunting occur in trees.

The stages and processes we followed in the installation of walnut garden by planting;

● Soil preparation and fertilization process is done,
● Basic fertilization process is done,
● Marking of the planting places is done with interval and distance determination,
● Pits are drilled,
● Open rooted or tubular seedlings are planted.

What we realize that Turkey wanted to set up in the garden by planting very well know our land and climate of the request. Do not cultivate a walnut garden without taking a price from us without meeting us.

Why U.S?

● Because, as Good Sapling, we trust our products.
● We keep the promises we made during the planting stage and make guaranteed plantings.
● If there are seedlings that do not keep at the end of 1 year, we replace the seedlings that do not come back and replace them for free.

Walnut Sapling
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