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Fernor Walnut Sapling , in the ecological conditions of our country, is recommended for the regions above 1000-1200 altitude, due to its early stagnation in autumn, it is the type of grafted walnut sapling that opens at the latest in spring, it has a very hard texture, it is early in winter and lasts long, autumn first frosts and spring late frosts It is a French variety that we recommend especially to Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions.

Fernor Walnut Sapling Fruit and Tree Properties

  • It is the only kind of seedling recommended to be planted in terrestrial climates and mostly on high altitudes.
    This kind of sapling, which has a French original, is applied to lands with a height of 1200 meters above sea level.
    You can contact our company and get the most accurate information in order to avoid any financial losses by misunderstanding the information transmitted to you by calling the fernor type by foreign people.

    The reason why Fernor is preferred is as follows:

    ● When it reaches its 5th year, it has a yield of 40-50 kg per tree.
    ● There are 400-500 kg yield per acre in trees aged 10 and over.
    ● Since blossoming is in early May, it is not possible to be affected by late spring frosts.
    ● Closing of the twig branches towards the end of October prevents autumn frosts.
    ● It is harvested in late September.

    Remember : Fernor seedlings are not produced by everyone. Choose us to reach quality seedlings safely and avoid financial losses.

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Hüseyin Taka

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