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Chandler Walnut Sapling is the most preferred variety for those who want to establish a closed garden with grafted walnut seedlings in the world and in our country in recent years. It is known as dwarf walnut sapling in the market because it is semi-dwarf.

Chandler Walnut Sapling Tree Features

It is the American walnut seedling with the highest preference among grafted walnut seedlings. Starting to bear fruit from the first year, chandler walnut sapling completes its development from the 10th year.

high demand and the reason for this are preferred:
● High efficiency
● Easy to adapt to any season
● 95% internal occupancy rate
● Easy to break fruit and fruit with golden yellow appearance
● The most resistant breed against diseases
● Adaptation without choosing soil up to 1200 altitude
● Not affected by spring frosts
● Caries with the lowest risk of caries
It is possible to reach Chandler walnut sapling every year in winter with open root in spring and summer in bagged form.

When is Chandler Walnut Sapling Planted?
Chandler walnut seedlings can be planted openly between November and March. If it is in the form of a tube, you can plan 12 months of the year.
There are open rooted and bagged seedlings in our company. You can come and examine our production on site and choose your seedlings yourself.

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